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Antares tires focus on quality, value and performance. They are excellent tires for those who want to enjoy optimal performance while on a tighter budget!

At blackcircles Canada, you will find the complete Antares tire range with tires suited to your vehicle year round. Not only does Antares offer affordable models, but your online dealership also offers the lowest prices on the market! Save money by purchasing your Antares tires, adapted to your needs, at blackcircles.

The Antares brand is a Chinese company founded in 2006. Although quite recent on the market and mostly known in China, it has begun gaining more widespread popularity, including internationally, like in Canada. It also collaborates with other Chinese manufacturers in order to develop innovative and quality tires.

Antares offers a wide array of models for ever season, every vehicle and all types of drivers! You will find winter tires, 4- season tires, all-terrain tires, and performance summer tires. We offer a sneak peek at available Antares tires.

Are you looking for tires that will become your favorite companions off the road or in the mud? The brand offers three solid options: the SMT A7 A/T, the Deep Digger and the Goliath AT. The first has been redesigned to offer greater durability and strength, with –amongst other things- 30 % more mileage than the previous generation!

As for the Deep Digger, it was specially designed to provide you with a stable driving experience in the mud, on sand or gravel, mostly due to the silica technology that was developed by Antares. Amongst other things, it will allow you to carry heavy loads! The Goliath is also designed for performance and greater protection against wear and tear.

Are you looking for a versatile all-season tire for your truck or SUV? You will love the Majoris R1, a performant and quiet tire, or even the Comfort A5 which offers great maneuverability and a very smooth driving experience.

You will, of course, also find excellent all-season tires for your touring car with the An-Locus 01 model, which draws its inspiration directly from sports models with an asymmetrical tread. This model also offers a quiet driving experience and optimal performance on both wet and dry roads.

While on the subject of performance, the Ingens A1 and Majoris M5 models are summer tires that offer a reactive drive and optimal traction. Thanks to their directional tread, they do not fear water!

If you are looking for winter tires, you will find what you need with the Grip models, which is divided into three: Grip 20, Grip 60 Ice and WP. The Grip WP has an asymmetrical tread that provides it with optimal maneuverability and traction so that you can fully enjoy driving even in the midst of winter.

The Grip 20 is a non-studded directional tire with excellent grip levels in winter; the Grip 60 has a directional tread that is even more pronounced and offers the possibility of adding studs for even more traction. As its name indicates, it is ready to face icy surfaces in complete confidence!

Finally, the brand also offers an option for all weather conditions: the Polymax 4 S, which is perfect for those looking for the most versatile option! Thanks to its wide shoulder blocks, it offers an optimized contact surface with the road for optimal traction.

No matter which tire you select, the brand will provide you with the manufacturer’s limited warranty, the Antares Advantage, for a duration of 5 years. This warranty will allow you to have peace of mind since it covers defects in manufacturing and workmanship. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer!

For every other question, the blackcircles team is here for you! Contact us by phone or chat with us online to get quick answers! No matter what vehicle you have, we will help you select the perfect set of tires for your needs.

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All available tires from ANTARES



    The Antares An-Locus high performance all-season tire combines the skills and reliability for sporty vehicles and promises excellent road handling and exceptional grip.

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    With several sizes to choose from, the Antares Comfort A5 all-season tire is suitable for all types of passenger vehicles. Competent and robust, it promises remarkable comfort and road holding.

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    GRIP 20

    Antares Grip 20 winter tires at blackcircles, for sedans, SUVs, minivans and light trucks are experts in extreme winter conditions with exceptional skills.

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    GRIP 60 ICE

    For peace of mind in winter driving, the Antares Grip 60 Ice winter tire is an expert in the worst weather conditions. Ideal for all types of vehicles, it gives you absolute confidence.

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    Introducing Antares Grip WP winter tires for passenger vehicles that offer you excellent value with optimal skills for safe and predictable winter driving.

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    Antares Ingens A1 all-season tires are available in sizes ranging from 13 to 20 inches and fit most vehicles. They perform well, are fuel-efficient and provide a comfortable ride.

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    Designed specifically for sport utility vehicles, the Antares Majoris R1 all-season tire is available in sizes from 15 to 22 inches and promises an exceptional ride comfort.

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    SMT A7

    With its low price, the Antares SMT A7 off-road pro for pickups and 4x4 SUVs promises great strength and maximum traction in mud, gravel or sand.

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