Ultra High performance Summer

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$414.33 to $414.33
Installed price includes delivery (additional fees may apply for remote area shipping), installation, balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires.

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Product description & features for BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S001 I

  • Engineered for better control, response and cornering
  • Impressive wet and dry performance
  • Precise handling and steering response
  • Designed to deliver a thrilling ride
Designed to combine low rolling resistance efficiency with maximum sports performance in dry and wet conditions
  • Features an asymmetric design combining a large outboard shoulder, interlocking tread blocks and a central circumferential rib to enhance dry road steering response, high-speed stability and cornering precision
  • Notches in the shoulders expel water to the sides while high-angle lateral grooves in the intermediate ribs pump water into the wide circumferential grooves to help resist hydroplaning
  • Active rubber inserts in the sidewalls near the bead areas tune vertical sidewall stiffness to blend cornering grip with ride comfort, as well as increase longitudinal stiffness to generate straight-line braking forces

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    All sizes available for BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S001 I

    • All 215's
    • 215/45 R20 W (95)
      • TOURISM
      • BSW
      • Reinforced
      • BMW
      • 280
      installed at $414.33

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