Extreme Performance Summer

Prices (installation included) from
$391.00 to $447.76
Installed price includes delivery (additional fees may apply for remote area shipping), installation, balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires.

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Product description & features for BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S007

  • Engineered for better control, response and cornering
  • Impressive wet and dry performance
  • Precise handling and steering response
  • Designed for the Ferrari F12 berlinetta
Potenza S007 tires are performance tuned for dry and wet conditions. However, like all summer tires, they are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice
  • Potenza S007 tires feature an asymmetric tread design with wide outside shoulders and unyielding notched-ribs to enhance steering response and grip on dry surfaces. Wide circumferential grooves help channel water through the tire to preserve wet traction
  • The tire's internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with two layers of spirally wrapped nylon to blend high-g cornering with high-speed durability. The casing features rayon cord and a specially tuned construction to enhance cornering grip, even under the most severe load conditions

    All sizes available for BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S007

    • All 245's
    • 245/40 R19 W (94)
      • TOURISM
      • BSW
      at $391.00
    • All 255's
    • 255/35 R20 Y (93)
      • TOURISM
      • (F)
      • BSW
      • A
      at $447.76
    • All 275's
    • 275/35 R19 W (96)
      • TOURISM
      • BSW
      at $445.26

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