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The very beginnings of the Dunlop manufacturer, which was to become one of the best tire manufacturers in the world, are unusual, to say the least… In 1888, John Boyd Dunlop’s son had problems trying to ride his tricycle, so Dunlop decided to add canvas wheels on which he glued liquid rubber, so that his son found it more pleasant to handle. In 1889, Willie Hume, a cyclist, is the 1st to adopt his invention and proceeds to win several races. That was the start of numerous upcoming successes in the racing world.

Subsequently, Dunlop tires, for sale at Blackcircles Canada, go through a succession of triumphs, here are a few of them:

1923 – 1st Grand Prix victory
1924 – 1st 24 Hours of Le Mans victory
1937 – 10th 24 Hours of Le Mans victory
1965 – 7th Grand Prix consecutive victory

Closer to our time, the years 2000 see the development of new Dunlop technologies, including the 3S, the Self-Supporting Technology which enables driving even after a tire puncture and the Touch Technology, to only name these few. Then follows partnerships with the British Grand Touring Championship, Porsche and Audi, BMW Motorsports, and so on.

Despite more than 130 years of existence, innovation and research are still at the heart of Dunlop, with inventions for its new tires for sale at Blackcircles Canada, such as the Hydro-Pad, the Evaqua Grooves, or the Active Traction Sipe System, which provides Dunlop tires of all sizes exceptional grip and traction when cornering, accelerating and braking.

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