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235/55 R19 H (105)

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  • Reinforced
Available at blackcircles Canada, General Tire AltiMAX 365AW winter-approved all-season tires give you outstanding performance at all times. The General Altimax AW365 is General Tire’s best and latest grand touring product. As an all-weather product, this tire features the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol and provides superior adherence in snowy conditions without compromising wear and wet and dry performance. The product features a mileage warranty of 105,000 KM (95,00 for V-rated products)

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Product description & features for GENERAL

  • Excellent traction on both snow and slush.
  • Very low risk of hydroplaning
  • Safe braking distances
  • Perfect flexibility whatever the temperature
  • New General Tire AltiMAX 365AW at the best price in Canada

    Available in sizes from 14 to 18 inches, the General Tire AltiMAX 365AW tire for sale at the best price at blackcircles Canada, the best site for online tire purchases in Canada, is a winter-approved all-season tire since bearing the mountain and snowflake symbol. This tire for passenger vehicles offers you a reliable winter-driving performance thanks to innovative technologies unique to General Tire. The AltiMAX 365AW tires will allow you to face the winter with confidence because they provide you with, among other things:

    General Tire AltiMAX 365AW tire highlights:
    • Excellent traction on both snow and slush.
    • Very low risk of hydroplaning
    • Safe braking distances
    • Perfect flexibility whatever the temperature

    Backed by the General Tire Warranty, this all-season tire features high-density sidewall edges that generate optimum grip on snow, resulting in better braking and handling. Its interlocking siping blocks, in turn, improve handling on dry pavement. Its traction and gripping power are further enhanced by the biting edges that literally bite into the snow and slush powerfully.

    What’s more, the General Tire AltiMAX 365AW tires, available at the best price on the web, not only feature corrugated longitudinal grooves that minimize risk of hydroplaning, but also interlocking snow blocks that improve traction on snow. To make your ride even safer during heavy rain, this General Tire low-profile tire features lateral grooves that are linked to the longitudinal grooves, and working together they drain and evacuate water very quickly.

    This tire for passenger vehicles from General Tire features a silica-based rubber tread compound, specifically designed to provide exceptional grip. To ensure you are always driving safely, these tires allows you to check at a glance if they performing optimally: just take a peek at the visual alignment indicators to determine if they are properly aligned. And for maximum rigidity, the center rib contains fewer sipes, which increases the rigidity of the lateral patterns, contributing to more uniform wear. With strong shoulder blocks placed longitudinally, braking distances and traction are greatly improved.

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  • It honestly felt like driving a new car when my new tires were installed! I’m more than satisfied with the tires, the price I paid and the ease of ordering online! It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional way of buying tires. My mechanic was the one who introduced me to and I’m very grateful. Definitely recommended!!

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