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In 1883, the Gislow brothers created the Gislaved company, in a town of the same name in Sweden. In 1905, they build the 1 st Swedish tire for cars and in 1949, the millionth tire is produced by the manufacture. As of 1970, over 1.3 million new Gislaved tires for sale around North America, Canada, Sweden and Japan have been installed on cars.

As soon as 1994 and in collaboration with Continental AG, Gislaved tires of all sizes represent the epitome of tires for Nordic countries. Proud of their 135 years of experience, Gislaved tires at the best prices on the market, which you will find at your blackcircles supplier, exceed not only Scandinavian requirements, but by the same token, that of all Nordic countries.

Everybody knows that winter is the worst season for driving; snow, ice storms, slush and etc., in short, putting the right shoes on your car is essential. Well, new Gislaved tires for sale on our website, whether we mean tires for either SUVs or sedans, winter or summer, are designed to be able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and God knows that here in Canada, we indeed get a taste of it as we say! As such, Gislaved stands out and is without question one of the best winter tire manufacturers.

Thanks to innovative Gislaved technologies, the NordFrost 200 winter tire at a discount for sale at blackcircles, where we offer tires at lower prices than elsewhere as well as blackcircles promotions, provide optimal traction and a very short stopping distance, even on ice-covered roads.

What is more, the new Gislaved NordFrost 200 tire for sale at blackcircles, perfect for Canada and sold with the standard Gislaved Limited Warranty, is specially adapted to Nordic countries’s extreme conditions. The performances of this Gislaved tire sold for the lowest price at blackcircles are simply outstanding. You will be surprised as much by its driving comfort as its prowess on ice and snow as well as its high level of control in all situations, and this, no matter the mood swings of Mother Nature.

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    Gislaved Nord Frost winter tire for passenger, light truck and SUV vehicles has been tested in the most severe Nordic conditions to deliver grip and safety

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    In its studded version, the Gislaved Nord*Frost 200 winter tire designed for our Canadian winter road conditions.

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    With the Gislaved Nord*Frost 200 tire, you will be ready to face the mood swings of Mother Nature in complete confidence this winter, offered at your blackcircles Canada online retailer

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