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Since its foundation in 1967, the Maxxis tire manufacturer has become one of the best on the planet over the years. Sold in over 180 countries, more than 25,000 employees consistently work each day to make the Maxxis tire brand trustworthy, renowned and appreciated across the whole world. Find Maxxis tires for sale at the lowest prices by visiting the rest of our website at blackcircles Canada!

In addition to tires for SUVs and sedans, or for winter and summer, the Maxxis tire lineup at the best price in the industry for sale at blackcircles extends to bicycles, ATV and motorcycles, as well as industrial trailers and trucks. Despite its expertise in all these fields, the numerous Maxxis technologies, such as Maxxis green tires, confirm its commitment to significantly reduce its environmental footprint.

Designed in research and development centres, the new Maxxis tires for sale at blackcircles Canada offer lower fuel consumption as well as extended tire life cycle. However, caring about a cleaner environment does not affect in any way the exceptional performance of these tires at a discount.

Indeed, manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Toyota and Ford, to only name a few, recognize and greatly appreciate the flawless quality of Maxxis tires at the lowest price in the industry at blackcircles, by equipping their vehicles with Maxxis tires of all sizes. The main types of tires offered by Maxxis are the following: the Bravo HP-M3, the Bravo series HT-770, the Bravo Series AT-771, the NP3 and the NS3.

Having received a great number of prizes and awards, both in Canada and abroad, it bears witness to the high standards of quality, efficiency and innovations of the new tires from the Maxxis manufacturer offered at blackcircles, where you will find a great array of tires a lower prices than anywhere else, and where you can also take advantage of our current blackcircles promotions.

The standard Maxxis Limited Warranty applies to the whole range of tires sol here, which includes winter, all-seasons, extreme off-road, competition and high-performance tires, and so many more. In short, with such an unparalleled selection of Maxxis tires, you are sure to find the ideal partner that will perfectly suit your type of vehicle and your style of driving. It's a guarantee!

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All available tires from MAXXIS

  • M8008 MAXXIS


    Blackcircles Canada presents the trailer and caravan specialist, the Maxxis M8008 tire is super strong and can easily support very heavy loads.

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  • M8008 + MAXXIS

    M8008 +

    The new MAXXIS M8008+ is an all-purpose specialty trailer tire engineered to further improve the already-stellar performance of our iconic M8008. Designed for the increased demands of modern travel trailers, boat trailers and toy haulers. Wheels are not included

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