The Michelin Energy Saver is a summer tire for luxury performance touring and it is original equipment for European touring sedans offering a good fuel efficient, safety and comfort with good warranty mileage, buy at Features a treadwear warranty of 60 000 kilometers.

Prices (installation included) from:

$178.52 to $195.02
Installed price includes delivery (additional fees may apply for remote area shipping), installation, balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires.

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Product description & features for MICHELIN ENERGY SAVER

Includes Michelin Promise Plan - (1) 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, (2) 3-Year Flat Tire Changing Assistance and (3) Limited Mileage Warranty on passenger and light truck tires – includes replacement and original equipment (2011 model year and newer)
  • Summer tire
  • EnergySaver Construction, combined with special type of tread rubber, keeps the tire cooler - helping the engine to improve its fuel efficiency
  • Silica-based tread rubber compound provides all-season traction and no-compromise stopping performance to keep you safe without trading fuel efficiency
  • Lower rolling resistance requires less effort from the engine and helps reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions from your vehicle

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    All sizes available for MICHELIN ENERGY SAVER

    • All 175's
    • 175/65 R15 H (84)
      • TOURISM
      • BSW
      • BMW
      • 400
      installed at $178.52

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