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255/55 R18 V (109)

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Winter tire for SUVs and crossovers. Maximum traction on snow and ice. Exceptional road holding and handling. Quiet and comfortable rolling.

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CA $304.62

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Product description & features for MICHELIN

  • Their exceptional stability and handling
  • Their smooth, safe and quiet ride
  • Their excellent traction on snow and ice

An essential element to your vehicle’s overall performance and safety is undeniably the type of tires it’s been fitted with, whether it is winter tires for SUVs or all-season tires. With that in mind, the new Latitude Alpin tires for sale at blackcircles Canada will be your best ally this winter.

In order to improve the stability as well as the traction of the tread, Michelin Latitude Alpin tires, offered at blackcircles Canada for the best price, are designed with Bi-Directional-Sipes and additional Biting Edges, allowing for more biting density. This unique manufacturing design assures you all-around efficiency, even when road conditions get worse.

Indeed, even when the temperature drops down below freezing, the new Latitude Alpin tire’s grip remains the same. Thanks to a larger contact area, more rubber comes into direct contact with the road surface, thus providing excellent traction in cold weather, and this, even on black ice. With our harsh Canadian winters, it is nice to know that you can rely on a highly effective tire.

What is more, in addition to maintaining their exceptional grip, Comfort Control Technology from Michelin helps deliver a sensational ride quality, combining riding comfort and stability. With the Michelin Latitude Alpin tires, vibrations and road noises will be nearly imperceptible. Let’s also mention the StabiliGrip Technology with its variable geometry sipes, which ensures better stability, even at high speeds.

The Michelin Latitude Alpin tires are highly recommended for SUVs and light trucks. These Michelin tires include, of course, the Michelin Standard Limited Warranty on materials and defect in workmanship, which covers treadwear or mileage.

If you are looking for a particular brand of tires at the best price, even if it is for a specific vehicle, and no matter the size of your wheels, at blackcircles Canada, you always find the shoe that fits… Um sorry, the wheel that fits!

For the least expensive tires on the market and for the best selection of Michelin tires on discount, blackcircles Canada is the place to go!

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