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305/30 R19 Y (102)

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  • XL
  • Reinforced
The Pirelli P Zero is a summer tire for luxury sports cars. Exceptional road handling. Superior braking capacities and great lateral stability in tight turns.

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CA $552.73

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Product description & features for PIRELLI

  • Superior grip and braking at high speeds
  • Unparalleled manoeuvrability for sporty driving
  • Tremendous lateral stability in tight turns

Do you own a Porsche Cayman or an Audi TT and need summer tires at the best possible price, allowing you to make the most of your car’s performances? blackcircles Canada presents the Pirelli P Zero. This Pirelli tire at a discount is made for luxury and sporty sedans.

These are only a few of the abundant features of the Pirelli P Zero tire for sale at blackcircles Canada, where, in addition to blackcircles promotions, you will get unbeatable service. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications, that make it one of the best Pirelli tires designed for high-performance vehicles.

Comprising 3 full-depth longitudinal ribs, the Pirelli P Zero tire at the best selling price in the industry, is absolutely perfect for racetrack driving, since its famous ribs will provide you with superior grip and braking at high speeds, not to forget outstanding handling, even in case of possible hydroplaning.

Whether you are driving on a track or on the highway, with the Pirelli P Zero tire for sale at blackcircles Canada, you will always do so in complete safety. Indeed, thanks to technologies devised by Pirelli, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, you will get exceptional manoeuvrability in sporty driving, in particular with de S-shaped tread which guarantees your safety in the event of emergency braking, and this, whether in a straight line or in curves.

You will enjoy better handling and traction, since the Pirelli P Zero tire is made of high-density silica compound. This makes for superior performances on wet road surface, reduced emissions, decreased rolling resistance, better steering responsiveness, optimal firmness and extreme lateral stability, all this at the best price there is.

The Pirelli P Zero tire, sold with the Pirelli Limited Warranty, is for sale at blackcircles Canada where you will find several brands of less expensive tires, in addition to our unparalleled service.

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