Scorpion All Season Plus 3
 Scorpion All Season Plus 3
 Scorpion All Season Plus 3
 Scorpion All Season Plus 3

PIRELLI Scorpion All Season Plus 3

The all-new Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 is a robust tire with remarkable tread life. Solid performance in all seasons, even in light snow.

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Product description & features for PIRELLI Scorpion All Season Plus 3

  • Developed to meet the needs of North American drivers
  • Specific siping pattern for uniform wear
  • Very quiet ride

The newest model on the market, the Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tire was designed specifically to meet the weather conditions that prevail in North America.

Featuring a new tread pattern, a new tread compound and a 115,000 km limited tread life warranty, this tire is available in a wide range of sizes from 17 to 22 inches and is suitable for an impressive number of compact and mid-size utility vehicles and light trucks.

They are found as original equipment on popular models such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda CR-V, Toyota Highlander, Ford F-150 and Kia Sorento, among others.

Its 3D siping technology, combined with innovative materials such as functionalized polymers in the compounds, provides enhanced snow traction, excellent wet performance, and an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

The new Scorpion All Season Plus 3 is extremely efficient in all road conditions. In addition, its 3D sipes provide superior traction on both wet and dry surfaces and even in light snow.

The design of this Pirelli tire was carried out with new advanced virtual tools that can simulate the conditions it would face, allowing the design to be optimized to make it more durable than ever.

In addition, these virtual simulations were designed to predict how the tire would react in the event of hydroplaning, thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning, while optimizing its handling and braking ability on wet surfaces.

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Source : (especially for the 115,000 km warranty)

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