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Some manufacturers make tires for several types of vehicles and for all road conditions. On the contrary, others specialize and choose to limit themselves by concentrating on a smaller selection. This is exactly what Rovelo, one of the best tire manufacturers in China, is doing. And blackcircles is where you will be able to acquire Rovelo tires at the lowest prices on the market, with their standard Rovelo Limited Warranty.

Let’s take a look at what new Rovelo tires for sale at blackcircles Canada have to offer. If you are looking for a performance all-season tire, the RHP-778 provides exceptional tread life, without however compromising its performances. With the Rovelo compound technologies, it offers optimal traction and manoeuvrability. Which means it's the perfect tire for SUVs and sedans.

Also offered in sizes from 15 to 20 inches, the Rovelo RPX-988 tire at the best price atblackcircles, where you will enjoy tires at lower prices than anywhere else and take advantage of blackcircles promotions, is an ultra high-performance tire. With the asymmetrical design of its tread, which provides superior grip on wet or dry surfaces, as well as its reinforced shoulder blocks and highly angled sides, you will be able to corner flawlessly and safely, even in tight turns at high speeds.

In the all-season tire range, the new Roadquest H/T Rovelo tire for sale on our website is designed specifically for SUVs here in Canada. Its full-depth circumferential grooves very efficiently evacuate water to avoid hydroplaning, and its wide shoulder blocks provide responsiveness and stability without equal, even at high speeds. Even more, these super efficient Rovelo tires at a discount are offered in sizes from 15 to 20 inches.

And if you need studs, the new Rovelo RWS-677 tire for sale at BlackCircles Canada will be perfect to face the worst road conditions. This Rovelo tire of all sizes, namely 13 to 20 inches, is made of a rubber compound specifically designed for optimal performance under extreme temperatures. Its outstanding handling and stability make it a frankly extraordinary winter companion. What is more, it is ultra-quiet and comfortable, and its directional tread pattern maximizes traction, cornering and braking, no matter what the road conditions are. Lastly, Rovelo also offers the Ridgetrak A/T tire, which will provide optimal traction for vans and pickup trucks.

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All available tires from ROVELO



    The Rovelo Exhaul ST tires for trailers, provide you with stability, exceptional capacity for heavy loads, outstanding durability, and are available in 13, 14 , 15 and 16- inch dimensions.

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  • RHP-778 ROVELO


    Looking for comfort and a good ride quality? The Rovelo RHP-778 tire is built to offer outstanding capabilities, for sale at blackcircles Canada. Features a treadwear warranty of 80 000 kilometers and one year road hazard protection offered with the purchase.

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    For a super capable all weather tire, the Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T promises exceptional off-road performances, discover it at blackcircles Canada *Please note that the letters on the sidewall might be black or white depending on the dimension you need. BSW = Black Sidewall OWL = Outline White Letters

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    The Rovelo Roadquest H/T all-season tire is built to offer outstanding road handling and comfort, to see at your blackcircles Canada online retailer. Features a treadwear warranty of 100 000 kilometers.

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  • RPX-988 ROVELO


    Here is the perfect tire to enhance the prowess of your sports coupe, the ultra-high performance Rovelo RPX-988, for sale at blackcircles Canada - Covered by one year road hazard protection offered with the purchase.

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    For highly efficient grip and traction this winter, the Rovelo RWS-677 tire is perfect to face the worst weather conditions, to see at your blackcircles Canada supplier

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