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245/65 R17 S (107)

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  • OWL
For a super capable all weather tire, the Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T promises exceptional off-road performances, discover it at blackcircles Canada *Please note that the letters on the sidewall might be black or white depending on the dimension you need. BSW = Black Sidewall OWL = Outline White Letters

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New tires Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T at the best price in Canada

As here in Quebec, the law requires the installation of certified winter tires sporting the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation, all drivers have no choice but to fit their vehicles with such tires. However, even if they sport the certification, all winter tires are not equal of course and some, such as the Ridgetrak A/T tire for sale online at blackcircles Canada, are particularly efficient when the times comes to face the worst winter conditions. This tire for SUVs, minivans and trucks will do wonders in terms of;

  • Ride comfort and noise
  • Traction in snow, mud, slush and rough terrains
  • Exceptional stability and road handling

This Rovelo tire designed for all-terrain vehicles is uniquely efficient, thanks in particular to the very latest Rovelo technologies used in the Ridgetrak A/T tire for sale at your blackcircles Canada retailer, where we always find tires at lower prices than anywhere else, as well as outstanding blackcircles promotions.

Let's now take a closer look at what gives this Rovelo tire at a discount such ultra capabilities for both on- and off-road driving. Whether you are riding on the highway in a raging snow storm, or on a rough muddy trail strewn with obstacles and stones, the aggressive open shoulder tread pattern promotes the evacuation of water as well as snow, slush or mud in an extremely efficient manner. Therefore, the Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T tire at the best price, guaranteed, maintains its excellent traction at all times and on all surfaces.

With its network of extra deep multi-directional sipes, the Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T tire maintains its outstanding grip and provides ride comfort without equal, as opposed to other tires specifically designed for off-road driving. Sold with the Rovelo Limited Warranty and at the best price on the market, this tire deserves your full attention if you are shopping in this vehicle segment.

Whether you are fans of driving outside the beaten track or you are simply looking for an ultra-capable tire to withstand the hazards of winter driving, the Rovelo Ridgetrak A/T tire at the best price in the industry is surely one of the best choice you could make, we promise!

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