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225/70 R16 S (103)

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For highly efficient grip and traction this winter, the Rovelo RWS-677 tire is perfect to face the worst weather conditions, to see at your blackcircles Canada supplier

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Product description & features for ROVELO


New tires Rovelo RWS-677 at the best price in Canada

As it is offered in sizes ranging from 13 to 20 inches, the Rovelo RWS-677 tire, at the best available price at blackcircles Canada where one can find tires at lower prices than anywhere else as well as unbeatable service and blackcircles promotions, is a tire suitable for several types of vehicles. From the compact sedan to the family minivan, including mid-size SUVs and sporty coupes, this winter tire can also be fitted with studs. By choosing this Rovelo tire at a discount, you opt for:

  • Tremendous traction on snow, slush and ice
  • Optimal grip even when the mercury drops below Siberian temperatures
  • Exceptional braking power no matter the road conditions

As safety on the road is never an option, especially in winter due to the changing moods of Mother Nature, fitting your vehicle with the right shoes is critical. People living in rural areas must sometimes drive on neglected roads, and the RWS-677 tire for sale at your blackcircles Canada retailer is ideal for this, being specifically designed to allow you to travel in complete safety, at all times.

Thanks to the latest Rovelo technologies, such as its unique rubber compound, you will be equipped to conquer the worst weather, whether it be snow, rain, gusts of winds or ice storms. Formulated to provide maximum performance in extreme temperature variations, the Rovelo RWS-677 is without question a truly ideal tire for anyone afraid of driving in winter. For sale here at the best price in the industry, this Rovelo tire designed for several types of vehicles will ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

The directional tread pattern of the RWS-677 tire, sold with the Rovelo Limited Warranty, was developed to maximize traction, whether it be in a straight line, when cornering or when braking. And to stay glued to the road, both in snow or on ice, the full depth multi-directional sipes provide optimal grip power in every direction.

Let's also mention the solid centre rib and the large shoulder blocks of the Rovelo RWS-677 tire at the best price on the market, which tremendously enhance road handling and stability, and minimize road noise.

Customer Comments

  • I've had the tires for one winter and they performed well. Lots of tread still left.
  • A great product for the value
  • Noisy, but have excellent traction. I would buy them again.
  • These tires work good on ice & snow

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