Tire And Wheel 5Bolt ( Galvanized )

TOW RITE Tire And Wheel 5Bolt ( Galvanized )

TowRite Tire and wheel 5Bolt (Galvanized) trailer tires, available at blackcircles Canada, boast excellent stability, proven durability and heavy duty capabilities.

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Product description & features for TOW RITE Tire And Wheel 5Bolt ( Galvanized )

Mounted on a galvanized rim, the TowRite 5Bolt Galvanized tire for sale at the best price at blackcircles Canada, the best place to buy tires online in Canada, is backed by a standard TowRite Tires warranty. Among its many features, this trailer tire features a long list of TowRite exclusive technologies that make it one of the best trailer tires on the market. If you expect nothing but the best quality, the TowRite 5Bolt Galvanized tire promises to deliver:

  • Excellent durability;
  • Superior stability;
  • Uniform wear and tear to maximize its life span;
  • Proven reliability.

Whatever you need to tow, the TowRite 5Bolt Galvanized tire, which you can always find at the best price on the web, is ready to take on heavy loads. Thanks to its heavy-duty steel belts, this TowRite tire on discount also features radial construction, which helps minimize trailer bounce while also maximizing its heat resistance.

With greater stability and better capabilities for heavy loads, the TowRite trailer tire features a unique tread compound that delivers superior durability and greater resistance to damage from impacts and temperature fluctuations.

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