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If you are looking for your next Venom tire set, you could find them at the best possible price at blackcircles Canada! Check out all of the models we have in stock and learn more about the outstanding performance they offer.

Venom is a tire manufacturer that specializes in tires for extreme road conditions. Established in 2001, the company has spent the last twenty years perfecting and improving its products. A Chinese brand, Venom Power has built a solid reputation in North America by offering tires that are perfectly adapted to our different road conditions and seasons.

Today, the brand offers a wide array of quality tires for road vehicles and, especially, for off-road vehicles. Several all-terrain tires are waiting for you in our Venom tires inventory!

For example, with a model like the Trail Hunter R/T, adventures off the beaten path have never been this easy or enjoyable. This tire is just as perfect for your daily drive as it is for your weekend adventures. With Venom RT tires, you can expect remarkable off-road performance! You will enjoy features such as:

  • Stone ejectors
  • Shoulder blocks that maximise contact surface with the road
  • Deep grooves for optimal durability
  • A noise reducing compound
  • And so much more!

You will also find MT tires, which are specially made for solid and stable performance in muddy trails. With their aggressive and rigid design, these tires will provide you with maximum traction levels.

Speaking of traction, the brand also offers Venom XT tires that provide you with excellent versatility, both on and off the roads. These models are specially made for optimal traction, no matter if you are driving on wet roads or rocky trails.

Are you looking for a tire that will become your favorite companion during cold winter days? With winter tires like the Ice Hunter WTS, your vehicle will tackle icy conditions with ease.

Moreover, you will enjoy off-road skills worthy of the Venom name. These tires are not only great on city streets that are covered in thin ice, but also in the country where snow is deep! The wide and rigid shoulder blocks and the tread design both greatly contribute to the outstanding performance they offer.

If you have a small truck or SUV, Venom tires are perfect for you! These rigid and sturdy tires not only offer a remarkable style, but mostly capacities that make them worthy of their look.

Venom tires are specially made to offer high traction levels and good durability. Each tire goes through rigorous testing before being made available for purchase, which means they are incredibly reliable. This is also why blackcircles trusts the Venom brand and holds the best models in stock.

So, regardless of if you are looking for tires for your daily commute or your weekend adventures, or working off the beaten path, we have Venom tires for you. Thanks to the numerous models we have in stock, you are sure to find the perfect ones for your vehicle or truck.

Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are both things that help Venom stand out as a tire manufacturer. They are also values that we share at blackcircles: by offering quality tires like Venom, we are also sure that we are providing you with the best experience possible.

The Venom brand also offers an advantageous warranty on tires. The warranty on tread life ranges between 64,000 and 88,500 km, depending on selected model.

The 4 year manufacturer’s warranty will give you peace of mind: workmanship and materials are covered for this entire period. For more information on your tire warranty and which conditions apply, visit the manufacturer’s website.

With blackcircles, you can purchase these quality tires that are focused on off-road driving. We hold a vast array of Venom tire models in several different sizes for your vehicle.

Moreover, blackcircles also guarantees best price! And let’s now forget how easy your shopping experience will be. Check your tires’ dimensions and find the perfect model for your vehicle. No matter if you are looking for an all-terrain all-season tire or a winter tire, we have the perfect Venom tire for you.

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    Venom Ice Hunter WTS winter tires for light trucks are built to handle the roughest road conditions. For exceptional durability, grip, handling and control.

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    Blackcircles introduces you to an expert in off-road driving for pickup trucks, the Venom Trail Hunter R/T all-season tire promises ultimate skills in mud, sand and rough terrain.

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