The Westlake SV308 UHP high performance summer tires on sale at your blackcircles Canada retailer give you solid performances, they are capable and reliable

Prices (installation included) from:

CA $143.95 to CA $143.95
Installed price includes balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires. (additional fees may apply for TPMS and shipping).

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Product description & features for WESTLAKE SV308 UHP

  • Outstanding road handling
  • Optimum grip on both wet and dry pavement
  • Unparalleled ride comfort and quiet
  • Low risk of hydroplaning

New tires Westlake SV308 UHP at the best price in Canada

Are you looking for good summer tires at the best possible price? Your blackcircles Canada tire dealer presents you with the Westlake SV308 UHP tire for sale online at our dealership. Available in 15, 16 and 17-inch sizes and backed by the Westlake Tire Warranty, this high-performance vehicle tire features cutting-edge technologies unique to Westlake. Among its many features, the SV308 UHP tire offers you, among others:

  • Outstanding road handling
  • Optimum grip on both wet and dry pavement
  • Unparalleled ride comfort and quiet
  • Low risk of hydroplaning

The Westlake SV308 UHP tire, for sale at the best price on our website, offers you exceptional road handling and this, whether you drive in dry or wet conditions. And for those who value comfort as much as performance, you'll be delighted with this Westlake tire on discount that combines the two wonderfully well.

And for drivers who love a killer look, this Westlake tire designed for sports cars, with its styling and design worthy of major manufacturers, will complement oversized rims very well. With its low rolling resistance, this online summer tire will help you achieve substantial fuel economy. But although it is a high-performance tire, it does not compromise your safety at all, even at high speeds.

What is more, thanks to its wide and deep grooves, this high-performance tire significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning, allowing you to maintain constant and stable control, no matter what the road conditions are.

To acquire tires that are less expensive than at the competition, trust your blackcircles Canada retailer, where you will find more than thirty tire manufacturers, and above all, courteous and professional service from a team of passionate and dedicated people who have your satisfaction at heart. And to purchase tires online and this, anywhere in Canada, follow the few quick and easy steps, and your tires will be delivered to your local garage just in time for installation.

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235/45 R17 W (97)
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