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Windforce tires were born in Shandong, a Chinese province that has become a true hub when it comes to rubber and tire manufacturing. Amongst the Chinese based brands, it stands out from others with quality tires. That is the main reason it has become renowned internationally: Windforce tires answer to the strictest regulations and have obtained all the necessary certifications!

On this page, you will find the complete range of tires offered by the brand. And amongst the inventory at blackcircles Canada, you will find good quality tires at an affordable price! Moreover, Windforce is one of the brands that stands out for the performant options it offers that are also geared towards smaller budgets.

Originally, the Windforce tire manufacturer mostly specialized in the manufacturing of tires for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Today, there are still several options for commercial vehicles along with newer models of robust all-terrain tires. Windforce tires for trucks and SUVs also take into account this type of vehicle, capable of withstanding heavy loads and difficult road conditions.

This is why the brand quickly became successful in China, and then internationally! In Canada, it is now represented by the Generation Tires group and has been since 2016.

The group ensures that each tire models meets very high standards and takes the time to examine each of them. They also offer an advantageous warranty plan for the industry. For more details, you can contact the manufacturer directly.

This is recent history that it is just beginning! With Blackcircles, you can purchase Windforce tires from ocean to ocean, whether you live in the Maritimes or in the Western provinces.

Today, Windforce not only offers tires for heavy vehicles, but also models for every other type of vehicle. No matter if you have an SUV or a sedan, you will find the perfect tire for you!

In fact, the models also come in a variety of dimensions. The Catchpower model, for example, offers diameters ranging from 15- to 24- inches! This means it is suited to touring cars and larger SUVs alike. Moreover, this model also offers excellent stability, especially in turns, as well as great maneuverability thanks to an even contact surface with the road.

You will also find the Catchfors models, which include all-season tires for touring vehicles and SUVs, as well as all-terrain models like the Catchfors A/T. The latter is perfect for large vehicles like SUVs and trucks that drive in difficult road conditions. With the aggressive block design, sipes and added resistance, this tire is ideal for off-road driving.

Are you looking for winter tires? Windforce also has interesting tire models for you! On the one hand, you will find the Ice Spider, a studdable tire with a directional tread that is an expert on ice.

With this tire with a pronounced V design, you will take advantage of optimal water evacuation. Moreover, the rubber compound offers great flexibility for a stable driving experience in all temperatures. In Canada, this is a must!

Should you prefer an asymmetrical tread and a tire without studs, the Cratos Snowfors Max are perfect for you. This affordable winter tire offers optimal maneuverability and comfort. Its sipe and groove design guaranty excellent traction in winter. The absence of studs also makes it a more quiet option.

In short, the Windforce manufacturer offers tires for everyone’s needs, combining solid performance with competitive prices. This is even more true when shopping at blackcircles, since we offer Windforce tires at the lowest price on the market.

No matter which model you need, you can count on our team. Our specialists are here to help guide you towards the best Windforce tires for your needs, amongst a wide array of models and dimensions. Moreover, we are here to answer all of your questions!

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