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A High Performer That Lasts Longer

The Michelin Defender 2 is the new best all-season tires. If you are looking for a safe and long lasting tires. The MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire outlasted three leading competitive tires by more than 40,000 km on a treadwear test, delivering 2 extra years of treadlife. With an exceptional kilometers warranty of 130 000 kilometers* and a standard limited warranty of 6 years from the date of purchase, you can't go wrong with the Defender 2. 

Why choosing this tire?

 Ultimate Treadlife

 Quiet & Comfortable Ride

 Limited warranty of 130,000 kilometers

 All-Season Safety

Michelin Defender 2

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The Michelin Defender is a high quality all-season tire. Until now, it was available in two models only: the Defender T+H and the Defender LTX M/S. Today, a brand new generation is born: the Michelin Defender 2.

What will this generation be offering that the others won’t? Blackcircles tells you more about the novelties and answers your questions. With blackcircles, you have access to the latest innovative models on the market, at the best possible price!

front 3/4 view of a van with Michelin Defender tires driving on a cobblestone

An even more durable tire

The Michelin Defender tires were already considered very durable tires. Yet, this newest generation was designed by the manufacturer in order to offer the most durable tire possible, by adding several innovations to its design, like:

  • The EverTread 2.0 rubber compound
  • The MaxTouch 2.0 technology
  • The 3-D Sipelock technology
  • A new sculptural design

The rubber compound has been improved for increased resistance to abrasion. The MaxTouch 2.0 technology also contributes to even out tension, which provides the tire with a more uniform contact surface with the road. This, in turn, reduces the tread wear considerably. 

Finally, sculptural improvements have also been made, which serve to optimize tread life. Amongst other things, the tire is more rigid and better suited for heavy vehicles or vehicles with a high maximum torque. The tread itself is also a little deeper, which also extends the life of the tire. 

Wear and tear tests have clearly shown that it is superior to its rivals: it lasted 40,000 km more than is three main competitors.

Optimized comfort on the road

With Michelin tires, comfort always takes center stage. A quiet ride is one of the elements that is very important to the manufacturer, and is brought forth with its PIANO acoustic technology. This technology allows to reduce vibrations inside the tire itself, thanks to a sculptural block design.

This translates into a quiet and smooth driving experience for the duration of the tire’s life.

acoustic tire from Michelin

Reliable and safe

The new Michelin tire has been thoroughly tested and compared to its competitors. When it comes to braking distances it has proven its worth, both on wet and dry roads.

This means it is very safe on the road, on top of offering short braking distances and low aquaplaning risks. It will allow you to reach your destination with perfect peace of mind.

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Michelin Promise Plan*

60-day Satisfaction Guarantee*


3-Year roadside assistance*


Limited mileage warranty*


See Michelin website for all details about about Michelin Promise Plan. Certain conditions apply.

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* Some conditions apply.Eligible on some models only. For a limited time only. For more details, see the warranty terms and conditions at michelin.ca. The mail-in rebate is offered by Michelin and must be claimed online at their site. For illustrative purposes only. Rims not included. The actual product may slightly differ from the illustration.