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We are well aware that buying tires can seem complicated and worrisome.   

The blackcircles.ca advantage plan is a plan that will reassure you and meet all your needs when purchasing your tires. This plan offers you a peace of mind that many other competitors will not be able to offer you. It is specially designed for the customer, covering all aspects related to the purchase of tires. 



Blackcircles.ca offers new tires at the best price in Canada

Welcome to blackcircles.ca, where you can acquire tires at the lowest price in the industry. In addition to taking advantage of our current blackcircles promotions, we offer you a very large selection of tires for SUVs and sedans, but also for pickup trucks, minivans, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles, as well as ultra-high performance tires for those who like to let their engine loose on a racetrack. In short, whatever your needs are in terms of tires, among our wide selection of new tires for sale at a discount at blackcircles.ca, you will find the ones that will perfectly suit your needs and expectations. We deliver everywhere in Quebec and Canada!

Of course, since tires are the only element connecting us to the road, it is important, if not essential to choose them while keeping a number of factors in mind. For example, choosing between a winter or a summer tire can make an enormous difference. However, some provinces such as Quebec have made it mandatory to install winter tires no later than December 15, and in 2019, this date will be moved to December 1.

Next, a person who lives in the city will surely not have the same constraints than one who lives in the country, hence the importance of carefully considering the various types of roads one needs to travel daily. And where roads are extremely difficult in winter, some manufacturers offer studded tires in their lineup, for additional traction.

Another issue to consider, probably the most important, is undoubtedly the budget assigned for the purchase of your tires. At blackcircles.ca, whether your choice is winter or summer tires, or all-terrain or performance tires, you are sure to pay the best price on the market for your tires, we guarantee it. Our inventory includes renowned manufacturers of new tires for sale, always at a discount. But beyond the price, at blackcircles.ca, our expert advisors are here to guide you and give you advice on your choice of tires at a discount. Experience unparalleled service and professionalism from passionate people who have your satisfaction at heart.

Our blackcircles.ca website offers tires at a discount price, coming from some of the best tire manufacturers and we are proud to provide you with the best-priced tires.



This French manufacturer established itself in North America in 1907, and produces, in particular, the Alpin, Premier, Latitude and Pilot tires, as well as the high-performance X-ICE Xi3.


The Italian company created in 1872, in Milan, designs the P ZERO, Cinturato P7, Scorpion Winter, P4, Winter Ice Zero and Winter Sottozero.


This company founded in 1931 in Japan counts among its product range the Dueler, Turanza, Blizzak, Ecopia and Potenza.


This tire brand, established in 1892 in Naugatuck, United States, develops the famous TigerPaw and Laredo.


Established in 1870 in Akron, Ohio, south of the border, this tire manufacturer produces the G-Force, Advantage and All-Terrain T/A KO2 as well as the Winter T/AMD KSI.


This manufacturer opened its first-ever plant in Osaka, Japan, in 1945, and offers the Observe, Proxes, Open Country, Versado, Celsius and Extensa tires.


The German manufacturer established in 1871 produces the Extreme Contact, Winter Contact and Pure Contact tires.


This American giant has been operating since 1900 and manufactures the Destination M/T2 and Winterforce 2, among others.


This company established its roots in 1941, in South Korea and the Dynapro, the Optimo and the Winter i* series are a few of its most popular tires.


Another South-Korean manufacturer that started in 1960, and proposes the I’ZEN and Road Venture tires.


This company based in Tokyo, Japan, develops tires since 1917 and today, offers the Avid Ascend, Geolandar and Iceguard tires, just to name these few.

Choose your tires and select a convenient garage from our nationwide partners' network.

Choose your tires and select a convenient garage from our nationwide partners' network. We provide tires for your car, SUV, 4x4, pickup or your van, along with installation at the installer of your choice.

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