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Finding the right tires for each season is crucial for ensuring your safety and optimizing your vehicle's performance. At, we offer a wide range of tires suitable for all weather conditions and for all vehicle types. Whether you need winter tires, summer tires, all-season tires, or all-weather tires, we have what you need.


Choose the perfect tires for each season

To help you choose the tires that meet your needs, presents the distinctive features of each type of tire. Whether it's for optimal grip in winter, superior performance in summer, or a versatile solution year-round, we have the best options to ensure your safety and comfort. Discover the specifics of our tires and find the ones that fit you perfectly.

winter tires

Winter Tires

Winter tires ensure maximum traction and safety on snow, ice, and wet roads, essential for tackling the harsh Canadian winter.

summer tires

Summer Tires

Summer tires offer optimal grip and superior performance on dry and wet roads in warm weather, ideal for spring and summer.

all-season tires

All-Season Tires

All-season tires provide balanced performance in various weather conditions throughout the year, perfect for regions with moderate temperatures.

all-weather tires

All-Weather Tires

All-weather tires combine the characteristics of summer and winter tires, offering a versatile and safe solution for all seasons and weather conditions.

What type of tires do you need?

Summer tires are perfect for the warm months. Designed to provide optimal performance on dry and wet roads, they are made with softer rubber compounds to ensure superior grip at high temperatures.

  • Ideal for use from spring to autumn when the temperature exceeds 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Excellent on dry and wet roads, offering superior grip in warm weather.
  • Made with softer rubber compounds and shallower tread patterns to improve handling and control at high speeds.

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Winter tires are essential for ensuring your safety on Canadian roads during the cold season. Designed to offer optimal grip on snow, ice, and wet roads, these tires remain flexible at low temperatures, thus providing better traction.

  • Mandatory in some provinces like Quebec and British Columbia; recommended when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Crucial for facing extreme winter conditions, offering exceptional traction on snow and ice.
  • Made from high natural rubber content to remain flexible in freezing temperatures, with wide grooves to efficiently evacuate snow and water.

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All-season tires are designed to provide balanced performance throughout the year. They combine features of summer and winter tires, allowing for good grip on dry, wet, and lightly snowy roads.

  • Designed with a rubber compound that remains flexible at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, with moderately deep tread patterns to extend life.
  • Offer balanced performance in a variety of conditions all year long.
  • Perfect for regions with moderate temperature variations.

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All-weather tires are the ideal solution to ensure your safety on Canadian roads all year round. Designed with rubber compounds that remain flexible at low temperatures, these tires combine the characteristics of summer and winter tires to offer you a versatile and convenient solution.

  • Tread pattern designed to evacuate water and reduce hydroplaning, with a flexible compound that maintains its properties at temperatures below 7°C, offering versatility for year-round use.
  • Adaptability to varied weather conditions, including rain, light snow, and dry roads.
  • Winter-certified with the snowflake and mountain symbol, ensuring adequate performance on snowy roads.

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