Best 2024 summer and all-season tires


Looking for the best summer or all-season tires for the year 2024? The quest for the ideal tire can quickly become complex, with a multitude of products and technical specifications available for each tire size and vehicle type. But don't worry, at, we've simplified this task for you.

We have meticulously reviewed and selected the best summer and all-season tires on the market. Our selection is carefully organized by category to offer you an optimal shopping experience.

On this page, you will find direct links to our rankings of the best summer and all-season tires, along with highlights for each product. Whether you're looking for maximum grip on dry roads, outstanding performance in the rain, or year-round versatility, we have what you need.

And if you need additional advice, our team is always available by email, phone, or chat to guide you in your choice.

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Trucks buying guide


For trucks, durable summer and all-season tires are essential, specially designed to withstand their weight and versatility, especially when loaded or towing. LT (Light Truck) tires are rugged, with high inflation pressure capacity and a higher load index. P tires may suffice if the truck is mainly used for normal driving. Discover our selection of premium all-season tires for trucks.


Own an SUV? Opt for high-performance all-season tires, crucial for optimal traction and grip, especially when towing. Check out our buying guide to find the best 4-season tires for your utility vehicle!



Driving a compact, intermediate, full-size, or subcompact sedan? At Blackcircles, you'll discover a variety of tires in different sizes perfectly suited to your vehicle. Regardless of your budget, our ranking of the best summer and all-season tires for sedans will help you choose the brand and model that meets your needs!

Electric Cars

Explore our selection of the best tires for electric vehicles, designed to maximize energy efficiency and offer optimal range, while ensuring reduced rolling resistance and durability adapted to the additional weight of the battery.

Electric Cars BUYING GUIDE
All terrain BUYING GUIDE


Explore our selection of the best off-road tires for 2024, designed for off-road driving enthusiasts. Their aggressive tread pattern, generous dimensions, and resistance to tears and cuts ensure optimal stability and grip, whether in mud, rocks, snow, or sand.


Check out our selection of the best performance tires for your sports or high-end car. These summer tires offer exceptional control, precise handling, and optimal braking on both dry and wet roads. Maximize your vehicle's performance safely with these premium tires!

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quiet tires BUYING GUIDE

Quiet and comfortable

Shop our collection to find tires that ensure a quiet and ultra-comfortable ride at competitive prices. Each tire in our range meets high standards of comfort and silence, guaranteeing a pleasant and serene driving experience.


In our selection of the best mud tires in 2024, discover off-road tires specially designed to tackle tough conditions. With their deep and aggressive tread patterns, they offer rugged traction, exceptional durability, and optimal off-road performance. Find the perfect tires for your off-road adventures on our exclusive list!

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How are our best tires selected?

Our best tires are carefully selected by our team of experts, based on real-world tests, customer reviews, and reports from other industry experts. We also evaluate features such as warranty and longevity to ensure you have an optimal driving experience. At Blackcircles Canada, we are committed to offering you the widest selection and the best online prices on over 45 tire brands suitable for all vehicles, needs, and budgets. Our specialists are here to guide you through your purchasing process, helping you find the perfect tires for your vehicle.

Are our tires available everywhere in Canada?

Yes, our tires are available everywhere in Canada! We offer convenient and hassle-free delivery nationwide. No matter where you are, whether in a major city or a more remote area, you can benefit from our delivery service to have your tires delivered directly to your door. So, wherever you are in Canada, you can enjoy our extensive selection of tires and competitive prices to meet your tire needs.