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About blackcircles.ca


Blackcircles.ca is a Canadian company. Solutions BKC Canada Inc. is the owner of blackcircles.ca and its head office is in the Montreal area. 

Our main objective is to offer our customers a level of service that is unrivalled in Canada as well as some of the most competitive prices on the market. Our customers can choose between 2 options:

  • Purchase tires with home delivery in 3-5 days in most cases
  • Purchase tires with installation: the customer chooses the garage and the date and time of the appointment and we take care of the rest!


Thanks to strong and trustworthy partnerships with many garages and market stakeholders, we can offer our customers the best service available on the market!

Blackcircles.ca is an original concept from Blackcircles.com that started in the UK in 2001 and has since transformed the industry and changed the way customers buy tires.

The philosophy behind the idea of offering competitive pricing with exceptional customer service has resulted in a loyal and committed customer base and valued supply partners across Canada.

In 2018, Blackcircles.ca was born by offering the largest online tire inventory in Canada with over 4 million tires from 45 different brands in order to provide customers with an exceptional choice.

After seeing what Blackcircles has achieved in the United Kingdom, we are excited to adopt the business model and best practices to benefit Canadian customers. Our primary goal is to offer customers a wide variety of tires at affordable prices. In addition, we also want to offer a reliable network of high-quality partners / mechanical centers across the country, with the same assistance and customer service support.


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