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Winter tire buying guide

Winter tires shopping guide


Winter is a period of the year when roads usually become more dangerous. That is one of the reasons why winter tires are mandatory in certain areas like the province of Quebec! What do you need to know about these tires? How to select the right tire set?

Take a look at our winter tire buying guide in Canada to learn more and to find out which model is the right one for you during the cold season. The blackcircles Canada team will give you the best advice for a safe winter.


How to choose your winter tires?

All winter tires include features that are specially designed for the cold, like a more flexible rubber compound and a tread that offers greater traction on icy surfaces.

However, there are several brands and different types of winter tires available on the market, which can make things confusing! Moreover, the best winter tire for one person and vehicle is not necessarily the best for another.

Our Winter Tire Buying Guide in Canada talks about the main features you should look for in a winter tire in order to make the right selection for you.

Choosing according to your vehicle

Do you drive a coupe, a crossover or a heavy truck? Maybe you have turned green and purchased an electric vehicle? The answer to these questions will have a significant impact on your tire selection!

In fact, some models are specially designed to withstand heavier loads. Others are focused on performance and will allow you to take full advantage of what your luxury car has to offer. Some models offer a lot more versatility and cater to the needs of several different types of vehicles.

First and foremost, it is essential that you determine the exact size you need. You may have your heart set on an excellent tire model, but it won’t be worth much if it doesn’t fit your vehicle or your rims! Once you have established the tire dimensions, you will then be ready to explore all models that are compatible with your vehicle.

Tire durability is of significant importance

One of the main reasons why you should opt for a known brand is definitely the tire’s life span. When shopping for tires, the warranty is often a good indicator as to how long you can expect the tire to last.

Don’t forget that a less expensive and less durable tire might not end up costing you less money in the long run, when compared to a more expensive tire that will last a lot longer. Some models truly focus on durability. In our Guide, discover the brands that offer a long life span so that you can enjoy several winters without needing to worry!

Take into account the use you will make of your tires

Winter is not the same from one province, one region or even one city to another. Will you be driving more frequently over surfaces covered in ice, snow or slush? Will you be facing a variety of different road conditions?

Some tires are specially designed for optimal performance over one surface rather than another, while others are made to be very versatile. You will also find different tire models in categories like “ice tires” and “snow tires”. So, it is important that you truly take into account your needs, which will make your selection easier.

Winter tires or all-weather tires?

Once more, there is way more than one tire category! Winter tires will not give you an optimal driving experience when temperatures are warmer; and all-season tires are not always adapted to winter conditions either.

That is why there is another type of tire available, which may be best suited for certain types of drivers: all-weather tires. This type of tire is winter certified and yet remains adequate for warmer weather conditions. This will, once more, depend on how you are planning on using it! Take a look at our blog to find out what type of tire is best suited for you.

Moreover, both types of tires share one common trait: they have the three-peak mountain and snowflake logo! In the following section, we will talk about this symbol found on winter tires in greater detail.

With or without studs?

The winter tire category also divides into two subcategories: studded or non-studded tires. Studs were specially designed to increase traction levels on a tire, helping you face extreme weather conditions.

However, there are rules and regulations regarding studded tires, given that they are generally much louder. So, you will first have to determine whether or not you need studs and then select the proper studded tire model for you.

You will find the best studded tire models in our Winter Tire Buying Guide, including the quietest options in this category!

Consider you insurance

There is also a legal aspect to consider in your insurance coverage. In the province of Quebec –and other provinces-, there are rules and regulations regarding tires and it could cost you a bundle should you choose not to abide by them by purchasing the right tires.

However, did you know that all insurance companies do not have the same regulations, even though the law may not require anything from you? Learn more about this in our section on insurance and winter tires, to ensure that you are indeed choosing the proper tire set.

Have we managed to pique your curiosity? Would you like to find the best winter or all-weather tires for the season? No matter where you live, we have loads of information and advice for you so as to help you make the best selection.

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