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Best winter tires for electric cars


How do I choose the best winter tires for electric vehicles?


Living in Canada, it’s inevitable that eventually all drivers will be faced with driving on snowy and icy roads. Perhaps you have recently purchased or leased an electric car, and you may be wondering, what are the best winter tires for electric cars? Electric vehicles are quite different than regular vehicles when it comes to overall performance, and that difference can be more pronounced when it comes to winter driving. To help you determine which set of winter tires are best for your electric vehicle, the expert team at blackcircles.ca has put together a list of recommendations for winter tires for electric vehicles, and has provided a range of different brands and price ranges, so that you can make an informed decision on which brand of tires to choose.


Does my electric car need winter tires?


You may be asking yourself: “Does my electric car require winter tires?” The answer is yes. Of course, in some provinces, including the province of Quebec, winter tires are mandatory on all vehicles during the winter months of December to March, and this is true for other provinces as well.

In addition, there are other reasons why you need winter tires for electric cars. The main reason is that due to the batteries in electric cars, these vehicles are significantly heavier than other cars. This additional weight means that electric cars can quite often require additional braking times, and this, of course, happens more frequently when driving on snowy and icy roads. Putting winter tires on your electric vehicle also helps with traction, to deal with the instant torque that is output by electric engines. Without winter tires, the instant torque could cause an unsafe driving situation, particularly if the roads are icy or snowy. Overall, by installing winter tires on your electric car, you are able to handle your car’s increased weight and instant torque in a safer way.


What are the best winter tires for electric cars?


In our opinion, the best winter tires for electric cars are the Michelin X Ice Snow, the Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR, the Toyo Observe Gsi6 and the Yokohama Iceguard IG53. If budget is a concern, then the team at blackcircles.ca recommends the UniRoyal Tiger Paw & Ice Snow 3 or the General Altimax Arctic 12. We’ll outline why we feel these brands are the best winter tires for electric vehicles below.


1. Michelin X-Ice Snow

Michelin X-Ice Snow tire

The Michelin X-Ice Snow tire is a great choice if you are looking for snow tires for electric cars. These tires provide great winter traction, under an internationally recognized brand name. In addition, they have been designed to provide great traction and a quiet ride in snow and ice, as well as great fuel efficiency – which then ensures you continue enjoying the fuel efficiency that you experience from driving an electric car.


2. Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR tire

One of the top brands in tires for luxury vehicles, and designed for drivers that want a lot of performance from their tires, the Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR has been specifically engineered for Nordic conditions, and has been tested and rated by Pirelli under a variety of winter driving conditions including snow, ice, sludge and fuel efficiency. These tires also have run-flat technology, meaning that if you encounter a flat tire while driving, you can continue to drive so that you can reach your destination – home, a service station or other safe place.


3. Toyo Observe Gsi6

Toyo Observe Gsi6 tire

The Toyo Observe Gsi6 is also a great choice of winter tire for your electric vehicle. With Toyo’s Microbit studless technology, they are the choice for drivers that own high performance sport vehicles and SUVs. The Microbit technology from Toyo is unique, as this company has incorporated crushed organic material – walnut shells – into the tire rubber, meaning you get excellent added traction from this new, environmentally friendly compound.


4. Yokohama iceGUARD IG53

Yokohama iceGUARD IG53 tire

This tire has been designed to tackle the rigours of the Canadian winter, and it is also recommended as a great winter tire for electric vehicles. This tire has been designed to provide a fairly quiet ride, and has a low rolling resistance and also a resistance to wear – both important factors when you take into account the effects of the electric vehicle’s weight on tire use.


I have a budget, so which winter tires for my electric vehicle do you recommend?


If you are looking for the best winter tires for your electric vehicle, but you have to pay attention to your budget, then it may be that the UniRoyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3 winter tire might be worth looking at. Touted by UniRoyal as an “affordable” winter tire, this tire is also suitable for electric vehicles. This tire is durable and reliable in all winter conditions, and features the latest winter compound technology from UniRoyal that provides adhesion to the road under icy and wet conditions, as well as great tread flexibility, even at extremely cold temperatures – something we Canadians are used to!

Another great affordable winter tire that is suitable for electric vehicles is the Altimax ARCTIC, manufactured by General Tire. This studdable winter tire (where studs are legal) features raised ridges in the grooves for additional grip for driving safely around corners, and during acceleration – helping manage the instant torque that you get from your electric engine. These grooves also help with braking in deep snow, by providing additional traction in snowier conditions.


How do I know I am choosing the best winter tire for my electric vehicle?


Of course, all the tires listed above each come with their own specific warranties, and it’s always good to read the fine print first before making a decision to buy. If you would like to talk some more about winter tires for your electric vehicle, then please reach out to the experts at blackcircles.ca, either through our online chat, or by sending us an email, and we will ensure that you get the answers you need, so you can make the right purchase.



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