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Best Summer/All-Season performance tires 2024-2025

Explore our selection of the top-performing high-performance tires for sports cars of the year 2024-2025. As the iconic slogan of Pirelli aptly states, "Power is nothing without control", every turn, every acceleration demands tires that can deliver.

These are tires tailored to real road conditions and weather whims. We understand that driving a sports car on the road requires optimal grip and uncompromising responsiveness. That's why we've carefully curated a range of summer and 4-season "performance" tires that blend performance and safety, even in the most demanding conditions.

Discover our selection now and get ready to experience unique sensations behind the wheel of your performance vehicle:

1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4

Michelin's Pilot Sport A/S 4 tire embodies innovation and respect in the tire industry. Designed for sports cars, it delivers optimal performance on all surfaces, dry, wet, or lightly snowy.

With advanced technologies, it ensures improved grip and optimized lifespan, combining longevity and performance. Michelin remains an undisputed leader in the field.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 tire

Key Features:

  • Exceptional lateral grip thanks to asymmetrical tread.
  • Extreme Silica+ compound for maximum grip on smooth roads.
  • 360-degree variable sipes for improved grip on wet or snowy roads.

2. Pirelli P Zero AS Plus 3

Pirelli's P ZERO AS PLUS 3 offers ultimate performance for high-end cars and enthusiast drivers. Its asymmetrical design ensures superior grip on both dry and wet surfaces, with minimal noise.

Wide grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning, while 3D sipes offer stability and traction on snow. With advanced technologies like ELECT™ and PNCS™, this tire ensures optimal performance and unmatched driving comfort, even on long journeys.

Pirelli P Zero AS Plus 3 tire

Key Features:

  • 80,000 km treadwear warranty.
  • Optimal performance on dry and wet surfaces.
  • ELECT™ and PNCS™ technologies.

3. Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS

Dive into an all-year driving experience with the Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS, an all-season tire designed to deliver exceptional performance in all conditions.

Excelling on wet surfaces and in winter conditions, it combines impressive responsiveness and superior comfort, ensuring a high-performance driving experience without compromise.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS

Key Features:

  • 80,000 km mileage warranty, for enhanced longevity and reliability.
  • Solid rib design, reducing road noise and improving driving comfort.
  • Ultra-fine 3D sipes, ensuring outstanding performance even on snowy roads.

4. Toyo Proxes Sport A/S

The Toyo Proxes Sport A/S ensures an exceptional driving experience with its handling, aquaplaning resistance, and ride comfort. Suited for coupes, sedans, and some sporty SUVs, this tire guarantees high-speed stability thanks to its advanced technical features.

Its wide grooves and sipes enhance performance on wet and dry roads, while its design reduces rolling noise and uneven wear. Moreover, its handling is both stable and responsive, allowing you to maintain control in all situations.

Toyo Proxes Sport A/S tire

Key Features:

  • EExcellent aquaplaning resistance on wet roads.
  • Remarkable ride comfort with reduced noise levels.
  • Stable and responsive handling for optimal control.

5. Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate

The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire is the ultimate choice for enthusiastic sports driving. Specifically designed for sports cars, this tire offers exceptional handling, superior grip, and optimal braking performance, even in wet road conditions.

Equipped with innovative technologies, it ensures precise handling and remarkable performance on all surfaces. This ultra-sporty tire guarantees phenomenal traction, reduced braking distances, and exceptional road holding, providing an incomparable driving experience.

Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire

Key Features:

  • Exceptional handling and grip for precise and safe driving.
  • Optimal braking performance on all surfaces.
  • Extremely precise steering for instant response to driver commands.

6. BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A\S

The BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A/S, perfectly suited for sporty driving, is equipped with the revolutionary UltragripMC technology, ensuring optimal grip and increased maneuverability.

With exceptional traction for quicker accelerations, superior braking power compared to the competition, and outstanding stability, this tire offers unmatched performance. Moreover, its directional tread pattern ensures efficient water evacuation, optimizing performance in all conditions.

BFGoodrich G-Force COMP-2 A\S tire

Key Features:

  • High-silica rubber for optimal grip in all temperatures.
  • Reduced braking distances up to 4.5 meters on wet roads and 1.5 meters on dry roads.
  • 70,000 km treadwear warranty for exceptional durability.

7. Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+

Yokohama, though less known than other manufacturers on this list, offers tires at the forefront of technology. And its Advan Sport A/S+ tire perfectly demonstrates this, with exceptional features in all conditions and surprising durability for this type of tire.

The Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+ offers exceptional cornering control and precise steering response, while its HS-2 compound technology ensures optimal grip and reduced braking distances, making it the perfect choice for enthusiastic sports driving.

Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+ tire

Key Features:

  • Extra-wide blocks for remarkable cornering stability.
  • Optimized sidewalls for precise and responsive driving.
  • Innovative rubber reduces braking distances on cold wet roads.

8. Falken Azenis FK460 A/S

The Falken Azenis FK460 A/S tire offers exceptional performance for sports driving enthusiasts, regardless of weather conditions.

Its design ensures maximum stability in corners and precise handling, with reliable grip on wet roads thanks to innovative rubber. Suited for electric vehicles, these tires guarantee a dynamic and safe driving experience, with increased durability.

Falken Azenis FK460 A/S tire

Key Features:

  • Treadwear warranty up to 88,000 km.
  • Exceptional control on dry roads.
  • Reliable grip on wet and lightly snowy surfaces.

9. Firestone Firehawk AS V2

The Firestone Firehawk AS V2 tire offers a sporty driving experience all year round, with exceptional agility in corners. Its design ensures optimal grip on wet roads, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and ensuring safe driving in the rain.

Moreover, it maintains reliable performance even in light snow conditions, offering remarkable versatility for year-round driving.

Firestone Firehawk AS V2 tire

Key Features:

  • Excellent handling and grip on wet roads.
  • Reliable performance on light snow.
  • 80,000 km treadwear warranty for long-lasting reliability.

10. Uniroyal Power Paw A/S

The Uniroyal Power Paw A/S is an ultra-high-performance tire designed to offer an exceptional sporty driving experience, with an optimal balance between performance, comfort, and longevity.

Ideal for luxury cars and high-end vehicles, this tire ensures remarkable stability and precise control, regardless of road type.

Uniroyal Tiger Paw A/S tire

Key Features:

  • Increased load capacity to support the weight of electric vehicles.
  • Low rolling resistance to maximize electric range.
  • Asymmetrical tread design for optimal grip and reassuring driving.

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