Trailer and RV Tires

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Looking for new tires for your trailer rv? Blackcircles Canada offers you different brands of trailer tires in different sizes, at the best prices online! Plus, you can take advantage of delivery anywhere in Canada, either to your home or to the RV dealer of your choice!

Why trailer tires?

Why not use the same tires as for your vehicle? Because these tires are not always adapted to trailers. In fact, a trailer tire will be marked ST (Special Trailer) instead of P (Passenger) or LT (Light Truck) and is therefore made specifically for trailers.

The ST tire is designed for a towed vehicle and to provide some flexibility on the road, especially in curves and tight turns.

Several tire brands online

Blackcircles offers several brands of trailer tires online, always at the best prices; here are some of the trailer tires you will find with us.

Galaxy Galaxy Trailer tires logo

Galaxy Road Rider IV ST Trailer tires are available at in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches. In addition, the Road Rider IV is supported by a Road Assistance Program and Road Hazard Warranty.

Galaxy Road Rider Tires for Trailer and RV

The Road Rider IV combines technical improvements in radial construction, tread pattern design and tire compound formulation to deliver improved heat dispersion for increased strength and durability, without compromise to the stable and quiet ride you have come to expect from all Road Rider products.

Buy Galaxy tires for your trailer!

GOODYEAR Goodyear logo

Shop for the Goodyear Endurance Trailer tires are available at in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches. Carry heavy-duty loads with a redesigned polyester construction reinforced with steel belts.

Goodyear Endurance Tires for Trailer and RV

Whether for work or for play, this dependable trailer tire – featuring Durawall® technology – is designed to help you tow with confidence.

Get the Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires

Maxxis Maxxis rv tires

Maxxis RV/Trailer tires are available in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches and offer exceptional strength and durability. In addition, they stand out for their low rolling resistance, high shock absorption capacity and the fuel economy they deliver.

MAXXIS Tires for Trailer and RV

Their double steel construction will allow you to benefit from stability when towing, but also from an increased traction force. Finally, their durability will give you the possibility to safely cover thousands of kilometres.

One thing is certain, you can count on Maxxis tires for your RV or trailer!

Rovelo Rovelo tires

Rovelo tires include, among others, the Rovelo Exhaul ST, designed specifically for trailers.

Rovelo Exhaul ST trailer tires

Affordable and safe, it comes in several sizes with ply ratings ranging from 6 to 12; it offers good performance in terms of stability and durability and is designed to support the heavier load of a trailer or caravan.

When you choose the Rovelo Exhaul ST tire, you can't go wrong!

Size of trailer and caravan tires

Various sizes of trailer and caravan tires are available:

  • 205/75 R14
  • 205/75 R15
  • 225/75 R15
  • 235/80 R16
  • Etc.

Need wheels for your trailer?

At blackcircles, you will find high quality trailer wheels available in different sizes. Refer to your RV manual to find out which size(s) fit your vehicle.

Don't wait until your trailer tires are about to fail before shopping for new ones! Remember, a trailer tire has a life span of about 5 to 7 years, even if they are stored and not used!

To learn more about our trailer tires and wheels, ask one of our tire specialists at blackcircles Canada!