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If you are considering buying Rovelo tires for your car or light duty truck in Canada, then it makes sense to understand the Rovelo tire warranty in full before making your purchase. Because all tires have different warranties, and even tires of the same brand can have different warranties, to ensure you get the full details about the Rovelo tire warranty, you should read the warranty information on their website. Rovelo tires are manufactured overseas, and are a brand of one of the world’s largest tire producer, Sailun Company, which has offices and manufacturing plants all over the world, including Canada. Rovelo offers the following:


The Limited Warranty on Rovelo tires sold in Canada is available only to the original purchaser of new replacement tires, as long as they are being used on the same vehicle on which they were first installed. This warranty includes coverage for defects in workmanship and materials, a road hazard replacement program and limited kilometer tread wear protection policy (selected Rovelo tire patterns only).

For details on the workmanship and materials coverage, your Rovelo tire warranty gives you coverage against any defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 60 months from your purchase date. If your Rovelo tires are deemed to have a defect in workmanship during this time period, they will be replaced free of charge during the initial warranty period—which is the first 25 per cent of usable life—and you will receive a free replacement. For Rovelo tires past 25 per cent of their usable life, then you will be charged a pro-rated cost based on the usable tread currently on your tire(s) to receive a replacement tire. In both circumstances, the cost of mounting, balancing, and any service charges or disposal fees will be covered by you.

Rovelo tires also come with a road hazard replacement program. In this program, Rovelo tire offers a limited free replacement for your Rovelo tire(s), however, this program only applies for the first 25 per cent of original usable tread, or one year from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. This program will replace the non-repairable tire with a similar new tire. However, if the tire is worn past the first 25 per cent of usable original tread, then this program does not apply.

For full and complete details on your Rovelo tire warranty please visit the Rovelo website at http://rovelotire.ca/catalogs/Rovelo-Warranty.pdf.

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