How can I choose the right tires for my vehicle?


Getting new tires can be confusing and there are many things to take into consideration:


1. What is your budget?


There are my type of vehicles, such as a sedan, a 4x4, a SUV, etc., and they all require specific tires. It is important to buy tires that are suitable for your vehicle.


2. The type of vehicle you own


It sounds obvious, but different vehicle types, per example, cars, 4x4s, vans etc., all have tires that are specifically made to suit their requirements. It is important select a tire that is suitable for your vehicle.


3. What is your driving style?


Each tire we offer comes with a summary of what it has been made for; this may help you with your selection process. Take the time to review the tire descriptions to buy the right tires for your driving style.


If after looking at all of the above, you are still unsure about what tires to buy, please contact us and we will guide you into selecting the right tires for your vehicle and your budget.

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