Claim Processes


You can contact our customer service team via or at (844) 926-2527


1. Please provide the following information*;

           1.1 Your order receipt number

           1.2 Tire description with DOT number

           1.3 Current vehicle mileage

2. The issue with your tire(s) and what seems to be defective.

3. Whilst the defective tire is under investigation, you may purchase a new tire with for replacement.

4. will arrange for the appointment with your garage to get the replacement tire installed and will coordinate for the removal of the tire for the claim process. **

5. We will collect the tire and continue the claim process and the appropriate tire manufacturer will provide the investigation results within 6-8 weeks. ***


*If, following our warranty conditions, the information provided is deemed invalid, shall cancel the claim process.

**We will provide a fully installed tire from We shall not be responsible for any fees e.g. tire removal, tire repair, or wheel alignment if you decide to purchase tires somewhere else.

***Once the claim results are made available, we will inform you. The manufacturer shall have the final say as to whether the warrany applies or not.