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For those of you considering purchasing Toyo tires, you are likely wondering, “Do Toyo tires have a warranty?” Indeed, there is a comprehensive Toyo tire warranty available for both replacement and original equipment tires, called the Toyo Millennium Warranty package. This Limited Warranty, available in Canada, includes coverage for both workmanship and materials and tread wear-out, and is applicable only to Toyo brand passenger and light truck tires bearing the Toyo name and identification number. Toyo tires offers the following warranties:


To qualify for the Toyo tire warranty in Canada, when you purchase of your tires you will need complete the Millennium Warranty Registration Card, which you can download from the Toyo tires website or fill out online at www.toyotires.ca. There are a few factors which can cancel your warranty coverage, so you will want to read the details on your Toyo tire warranty carefully as well.

To file a warranty claim on your Toyo tires, you need to take your tires to an authorized Toyo dealer, then complete and sign the Toyo Tire Adjustment claim form that will be provided by the dealer, as well as your tire(s). Once your warranty claim has been approved, then you will receive a free replacement tire, or a pro rata charge for new tires, depending on the age of your tires, the mileage, and the service life. If you are filing a claim on the tread wear out warranty—which is only available in Canada on tires purchased in Canada—you will also need to fill out a complete mileage warranty registration and rotation record while submitting your tires.

For the Toyo OE Warranty, which applies to Toyo tires that come original on a new vehicle, both passenger and light truck tires are warranted for adjustable condition on the new original usable tread worn to 2/32 inches, or for 60 months from the date of manufacture—whichever comes first. Date of manufacture is determined by the identification number on the side of your tires. Please note the Toyo tire warranty for OE tires does not cover mileage or road hazards, and the tires must follow Toyo’s rotation schedule recommendations, among other criteria. For full details on both the Millennium Warranty and the OE Warranty, please visit the Toyo website.


*Certain conditions apply. Visit Toyo Tire’s website for more information.

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