The General Tire Grabber APT is a certified winter tire (3PMSF) with remarkable efficiency and performances, reliable and sturdy. Its aggressive tread design insures strong all terrain capabilities. General tire, a brand of Continental. The Standard limited warranty covers: - 45 days satisfaction plan - Standard coverage which covers defects in workmanship and materials - 96 000km treadwear warranty (See General Tire's website for conditions and details). For sale at blackcircles Canada

Prices (installation included) from:

CA $289.14 to CA $289.20
Installed price includes balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires. (additional fees may apply for TPMS and shipping).

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Product description & features for GENERAL GRABBER APT 4S

    • Very long tread service life
    • Top level stability and handling
    • Unparalleled off-road performances

    New tires General Tire Grabber APT at the best price in Canada

    Do you own a pickup truck, a compact crossover or a sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive, and need winter tires able to withstand any road condition without ever balking? blackcircles Canada presents, at the best price on the market, the General Tire Grabber APT tire, an expert of traction on all surfaces, that will also provide you with:

    • Very long tread service life
    • Top level stability and handling
    • Unparalleled off-road performances

    Since it features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification, the Grabber APT tire for sale online on our website is truly ideal for winter driving and where outfitting your vehicle with certified winter tires is required by law. In fact, this tire for pickup trucks and SUVs will be the perfect complement if you need to travel roads that are not or not very well cleared, or ones that require more traction, such as a sloping trails for example.

    The General Tire Grabber APT tire for sale at the best price at blackcircles Canada, possesses the sturdiness and reliability that you will need at all times. It is a robust all-terrain tire thanks among others to the DuraGen technology, a very strong cut, chip and abrasion resistant compound. And to ensure optimal stability and handling, its ultra-strength steel belts and broad, flat tire contour, provide even wear to this General Tire rubber on discount.

    What helps it to perfectly control the elements, for maximum off-road traction, is in great part due to its staggered grooves, traction notches and alternating shoulder scoops. Climbing a hill, even on a loose surface, will be small work for the Grabber APT tire for sale here. In fact, whether the road is covered with snow, wet or full of slush, with its high density full-depth sipes, know that nothing will intimidate the General Tire Grabber APT tire. Nothing.

    Sold with the General Tire Limited Warranty, the General Tire Grabber APT tire, designed to tackle the harshest winter conditions, is part of the large inventory of tires at lower prices than anywhere else at blackcircles Canada, where you will find, in addition to the General Tire brand, several other tire manufacturers. And be sure not to miss our promotions by browsing on our site.

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