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New tires for pickups at the best price at blackcircles Canada



Choosing what kind of tire to use for a pickup truck can be a little more complex than for a sedan. Added to the criteria of durability, comfort, grip and manoeuvrability, there are the factors of towing and loading capacity, and next, the type of driving that will occur. Will the truck be used for off-roading or will it only travel on paved road? Even if your requirements are numerous, here at blackcircles Canada, you will find a whole range of tires suited to your needs and what is more, for sale at the best prices in the industry. As well, here you will find;

  • Unparalleled service from enthusiastic and devoted people
  • An impressive selection of all brands of manufacturers
  • Several centres for tire installation across Canada
  • Delivery of your tires at home or at your workplace

There is a tremendous variety of pickup trucks, as we now: Ford, Chevrolet, RAM, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and I could go on. But there are even more reasons to justify the purchase of one, hence the importance of choosing the right tires to optimize its performances. For example, the tread pattern or the load rating, which indicates the maximum weight your tires are able to support. Moreover, you will find a “Load Rating” section on our site to make your life easier.

Few models:

  • F150
  • Ram1500
  • Silverado
  • Tacoma
  • Titan
  • Ridgeline
  • Sierra
  • Terrain
  • Frontier

Both winter tire for trucks and summer tires for pickups are offered in a range of sizes, speed ratings, diameters and widths. Manufacturers specializing in truck tires, such as Yokohama, Gislaved, Bridgestone, Uniroyal, General Tire or Firestone provide tires for pickup trucks at the best prices on the market.

Of course, all pickup truck tires for sale here at a discount come with their manufacturer's limited warranty. Therefore, if you are looking for Rovelo, Kumho Tyre, Michelin or Continental tires designed for your pickup, as well as many other brands, there is only one place where you will find tires for all types of vehicles, always at the lowest price in the industry, in addition to our current blackcircles.ca promotional offers.

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