The Michelin Agilis tire, for sale at blackcircles Canada, is tailor-made for light trucks, sport utility vehicles and minivans. Features a treadwear warranty of 70 000 kilometers.

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$228.37 to $228.37
Installed price includes delivery (additional fees may apply for remote area shipping), installation, balancing, new rubber valves and disposal of old tires.

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Product description & features for MICHELIN AGILIS

  • exceptional durability, even for commercial use trucks
  • solid construction for increased longevity
  • endurance and strength to meet any challenge

New Michelin Agilis tires at the best prices in Canada

Do you own a pickup, minivan or light commercial truck, and are you looking for summer tires with remarkable qualities? Don’t look any further because the Michelin Agilis tires for sale at the best possible price at, where you can take advantage of our promotions and cheaper prices on tires than anywhere else, is an excellent tire for light vans, commercial vans and pickups. This low-priced Michelin tire provides you with, among other features;

  • exceptional durability, even for commercial used trucks
  • solid construction for increased longevity
  • endurance and strength to meet any challenge

Available in sizes ranging from 14 to 17 inches, the Michelin Agilis tire, sold at the best prices on our site, has reinforced sidewalls that help them resist abrasion. And thanks to the unique Michelin technology, you’ll be able to save on gas and they come with a limited warranty for a 70 000 km tread life on top of the standard Michelin 6-year warranty.

The Agilis tires that are available online from blackcircles Canada, will deliver optimal performance and great traction, even on wet pavement. And its wide tread design ensures the tire easily sheds water, therefore eliminating the risk of hydroplaning. Relied on as original parts on some makes of Volkswagen vehicle, this Michelin tire was designed for trucks and sport utility vehicles and they are also very silent and comfortable.

Its robust construction, comfortable and quiet ride, fuel consumption reduction capacities, manoeuvrability and traction on the road make the Michelin Agilis tire, available at the lowest prices on the market, an excellent candidate for anyone looking for a tough tire that will deliver great performance for a long time.

The Michelin brand always promises improved safety, durability, fuel efficiency and optimal performance. And the Agilis tire is a perfect example of that maxim, thanks to its many innovations, such as acoustic technology that significantly reduces noises and vibrations from the road and extremely comfortable ride.

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All sizes available for MICHELIN AGILIS

  • All 205's
  • 205/65 R15 T (102)
    • RBL
    installed at $228.37

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