Tire Pressure

The tire pressure a key component of tire maintenance. An incorrect tire pressure, whether under inflated or over inflated, will have a negative effect on your tire's lifespan.


Negative impacts of under inflated tires:

  1. Shorter lifespan
  2. Poor fuel efficiency
  3. High chance of damaging at speeds over 100 km/h
  4. Sidewall wears faster

Negative impacts of over inflated tires:

  1. Shorter lifespan
  2. Uneven wear, especially in the middle of the tread
  3. High chance of puncture
  4. Insufficient traction

Drivers should make sure they keep an eye on the tire pressure. This will increase the driver’s safety, the comfort and the tire’s life-span, which can help save money. The vehicle's manual provides you with the best suitable tire pressure and our recommendation is to check tire pressure every 2 weeks.